Combining German technology and Italian design, we are proud to present an innovative sliding glass door system named – ApexFine to the U.S. market. The combination
between maximizing visibility and minimizing frame components is what characterizes this state of the art system. With its invisible wings & frames and middle joint
measuring a mere 3\4 inch, ApexFine frees your living spaces from visual obstructions. Whether manual or motorized, the quiet & fluid movement of the ApexFine speaks
excellence, beauty and sophistication. With its wide range of solutions, ApexFine will be able to accommodate your structure’s necessities while achieving your aspired
design – Even with a giant hydraulic guillotine.

•ezLOCK (optional) - Electrical invisible locking system, including feedback (When using smart electrical system or bus system - UPS Backup)
•ezMOVE (optional) - Invisible motorized system with a child-safety sensor (UPS Backup)
•Hydraulic "guillotine" system – up to 2,000kg lifting capacity
•Option for "Thermal-Break" profiles
•Two optional wheel solutions "U" or "B"
•Double ball bearing systems with doubled sealing brushes all around
•Handles- height & location as desired
•Large variety of glass solutions & types - Insulated or Monolithic and more
•Wide collection of finishes: Anodized colors, painted RAL colors, unique stainless-steel looking finishes and more

The Company
ApexFine is produced by PONZIO Italy – with over 70 years of experience (since 1941) in aluminum windows & doors systems development, having the first anodized
procedure in Italy, with one of the largest RAL paint colors lines in Europe.

ApexFine is distributed in the U.S. by ALBERTINI Corporation.

ApexFine® is protected by design patent registration.
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1140 Folsom Street
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"Invisible Luxury"
A sophisticated hydraulic system with a 2,000kg lifting
capacity vertically and seamlessly transforms your world.
Fenestration Concepts
Sliding systems capable of opening great expanses to light and views
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